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Size matters...

É verdade que costumamos ser umas queridas para eles: "foi bom", "acontece a todos, deve ser o stress", "adoro a tua mãe", "o tamanho não importa" são frases recorrentes nas mulheres mas, a verdade é que nem sempre são verdades... Hoje destruimos o mito do tamanho, pois que o tamanho importa e muito. E importa tanto que, desde a pré-história, que a humanidade tenta desenvolver um método para calcular o Pi da coisa, sem ter de pinar a coisa. Há teses e mezinhas para todos os gostos, experimentadas, empíricas, teóricas ou irracionais é só escolher, aqui segue uma lista das dez mais conhecidas. O autor apelida-as de mito, é certo que só há um método infalível mas, podemos sempre ir testando algumas teses e, quem sabe assim, poupando nas mentiras...

10. Shoe Size:
"Women (and men) come up with convoluted equations in an attempt to find a link between the size of a guy’s feet and the length of his penis. You can divide by 3, in half, or take away as many inches as you like, but in the end you’re no closer to solving the mystery."
9. Thumb to Finger:
"The way to do it is to make an L shape with your index finger and thumb, then measure the distance between the two tips. The figure you get is supposed to be the same as you’d get by measuring your penis. You’re only playing the odds with this one, and there’s nothing definitive about it at all.

8. Height:
"If you were to use this supposed correlation to look for the most endowed man possible, you’d end up with a lot of gangly men with average-sized members before striking gold. It might be a better idea to follow your heart.

7. Thumb Length:

"I’ve seen a rumor going around recently that a man’s penis is three times the length of his thumb. Why three times? I don’t know. (...) Unless the guy is Goro, you’re not even going to get a good visual representation of what the length of three of his thumbs is."
 6. Race:
"The thing is, Asians don’t necessarily have small penises, Africans don’t necessarily have large penises, and Caucasians aren’t necessarily average."
5. Wrist to Tip of Middle Finger:
"The myth here is that a man’s penile length is equal to the distance from the end of his wrist to the tip of his middle finger. If this were in any way true, you’d see porn stars with hands that could palm a basketball. And, for that matter, guys who can palm a basketball but are unable to wear shorts with their team uniforms."
4. Deep Voice:
"Sure, a deep voice is attractive and alluring—but it’s still no indicator of penis size. Yet people are bound to think that a man with a deep voice is going to be packing a sea serpent."
3. Sexuality:
"Reports abound that gay men are more endowed than heterosexuals. (...) The main study from which this information is taken (the Kinsey Reports) is gathered through surveys and interviews, leaving it up to the individual men to measure themselves and report their findings."
2. Flaccid Length:
"The size difference of a penis from soft to hard varies greatly. Some men who are diminutive when they’re not aroused become quite the opposite in a sexual scenario. In fact, those with large flaccid penises tend to grow only a little, while those with small flaccid penises usually grow substantially."
1. Digit Ratio:
"This study had Korean researchers take measurements of 144 anesthetized men’s flaccid (but stretched out) penises before taking measurements of their right index and ring fingers. The results suggested that men with longer index fingers had shorter stretched penises. "

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POC disse...

Portanto é importante, é isso?

Miss S disse...

é, é isso POC. é um problema????

POC disse...

Não, cara Miss S.
Não querendo parecer deselegante, digamos que o Livro de Reclamações está em branco, ainda enrolado em papel celofane.

Miss S disse...

Folgo em saber amigo POC, aliás nem esperaria outra coisa, com um treinador como o JJ...